If there’s one thing that seems certain it’s that no-one can escape the fintechs.

But what actually is a fintech? This is a generic term used to refer to businesses that use technology and software to innovate in the field of financial and banking services. The company may be a start-up offering a new service, a company providing services that require the use of technological tools or an established company that is adopting new tools.

For some, fintechs represent the promise of a higher quality of service at a lower cost. For others, they are simply an additional step in the digitalisation of the economy. For others still, they are new competitors who are jeopardising long-established economic models in some way or other.

This 10x6 will give participants a better understanding of what a fintech is and how they will affect all of us and look at how Luxembourg is preparing to ride the wave that is forming.


49, rue Ermesinde
1469, Luxembourg


7 FEB 2018
Starting time: 18:30


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