Mindfulness is a very old meditation practice, having its roots in the Buddhist tradition. Companies such as Google, Apple, Patagonia, Unilever, Deutsche Bank, EIB and the World Bank propose mindfulness-based training for their employees; entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley have also integrated this practice in their days. A simple exercice to support yourself and your work, while developing more centered connections with the people around you and better surf the ups and downs of your entrepreneurial venture. 


During the session you will - explore moments of practice - share experiences - and learn about scientific evidence of the benefits (attention, focus, creativity, well-being, resilience, empathy, compassion and communication) of regular mindfulness practice. It will be a great chance to also bring out your questions and perhaps nurture your curiosity about something new, if you've never heard of mindfulness before. The event will be followed by a short networking session and snacks will be served.


Maurizio's biography in short:

Maurizio is a trainer and coach by professional vocation. A long-standing mindfulness practicioner himself, he has trained to become a certified MBSR teacher (CFM is the only MBSR-certifying institution in the world) and trained educator in the Mindful Schools K-12 curriculum, bringing mindfulness to kids and teenagers in schools around the world. Nowadays, he supports individuals, groups, and organisations (such as BGL BNP Paribas, EIB, BIL, Louis Vuitton to only name a few) through mindfulness interventions (MBI), MBSR programs, as well as workshops and coaching for personal and professional development. Moreover, he accompanies and coaches Bachelor, Master and PhD students at different universities. To read Maurizio's full biography please go to 


14, Rue Erasme
L - 1468 Luxembourg


21 FEB 2018 to 21 FEB 2018
Starting time: 9:00


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