What is MoneyConf?

Every year since 2015, the world’s leading bitcoin, cryptocurrency and fintech experts have gathered at MoneyConf. 

MoneyConf is organised by the team behind the world’s largest tech conference, Web Summit.

Over two days, 5,000 attendees from over 60 countries will network and learn from the industry’s leading lights. Expect insightful keynotes, hands-on workshops and incredible evening networking.

Unprecedented growth creating an unparalleled marketplace

In three years, MoneyConf has become the leading finch event in Europe, a sister event to our flagship Web Summit in Lisbon. 

Over 5,000 of the top names in the industry, from CEOs of global financial institutions to the founders of the world’s most disruptive startups, from more than 70 countries, have made it the place where those redefining the future of finance meet.


RDS Main Hall, Anglesea Road, Dublin 4


11 JUN 2018 to 13 JUN 2018

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