What we do

The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology is much more than an incubator.

The LHoFT builds and fosters the Luxembourg Fintech ecosystem.

We extend the ecosystem internationally, connecting with leading Fintech hubs around the world.

We support the community, particularly our members and partners, in accessing the right and best solutions and resources.

We enable the Fintech community through practical training, education and research.

We bring together and collaborate with domestic and international stakeholders on industry-wide projects, working groups and initiatives.

We assist Fintech businesses to effectively set up and grow, providing a soft landing platform for access to the EU market. 

Our leadership circle partners

Our Innovation Partners

Our Associate Partners

Board Members


  • Team

    Nasir Zubairi

    Co-founder, CEO

  • Team

    Emilie Allaert

    Head of Operations and Projects

  • Team

    Alex Panican

    Head of Partnerships and Ecosystem

  • Team

    Manon Loison

    Head of Marketing

  • Team

    Dilek Ayaydin-Batal

    Head of Administration

  • Team

    Anthony Martini

    Engagement Manager

  • Team

    Romain Iovalone

    Event Manager

  • Team

    Daniel Gray

    Consultant - Content and Product

  • Team

    Annie-Laure Mahieu

    Project and Research Assistant

  • Team

    Jelena Baric

    Legal and Accounting Assistant

International Collaborators

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