Board Members


  • Team

    Nasir Zubairi

    Co-founder, CEO

  • Team

    Emilie Allaert

    Head of Operations and Projects

  • Team

    Alex Panican

    Head of Partnerships and Ecosystem

  • Team

    Manon Loison

    Head of Marketing

  • Team

    Dilek Ayaydin-Batal

    Head of Administration

  • Team

    Antony Martini

    Engagement Manager

  • Team

    Romain Iovalone

    Event Manager

  • Team

    Daniel Gray

    Consultant - Content and Product

  • Team

    Jelena Baric

    Legal and Accounting Assistant

  • Team

    Frédéric Weimerskirch

    Programmes Manager

  • Team

    Daniele Calderai

    Marketing Analyst

  • Team

    Jerome Verony

    Research and Strategy Associate

Our leadership circle partners

Our Innovation Partners

  • Logo - Hydrogen
  • Logo - MoBerries
  • Logo - University Lux

Our Associate Partners

International Collaborators

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