With 76 hosted​  Fintechs and 14​8 members, the LHoFT ecosystem continues to grow.

In the last months, we had the pleasure to welcome ​4 new companies.



Gulliver - Gulliver  is specialized in app application development, custom and off-the-shelf projects, with particular attention to the IoT, AI and Blockchain thanks to its outstanding MDC platform, the main source of its projects, which guarantee Gulliver scalability, method and a continuous growth. Gulliver is now bringing all this expertise to Luxembourg. More than 350 big entreprises and more than 4500 small and medium sized companies are using Gulliver’s solutions every day.

Check out the profile of Gulliver s.r.l on LHoFT Innovators Webpage 

Learn more > www.gullivernet.com



3S Money - 3S Money is an online accounts and payments service focusing on international trade.

Check out the profile of 3s.money on LHoFT Innovators Webpage 

Learn more >  https://3s.money






MDOTM - MDOTM is a subadvisor for Institutional Investors, applying Artificial Intelligence to develop strategies that exploit market inefficiencies.

Check out the profile of MDOTM on LHoFT Innovators Webpage 

Learn more https://www.mdotm.eu/ 



Paywoke - Paywoke is an all-in-one SaaS solution for B2B customers, who strive to use digital services seamlessly. Our portfolio includes an Open banking platform backed up by a payment license for our B2B customers and aims to provide a single solution for B2C later on.

Check out the profile of Paywoke on LHoFT Innovators Webpage 

Learn morehttps://www.paywoke.com/



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