With 71 hosted Fintechs and 144 members, the LHoFT ecosystem continues to grow. In the last month, we had the pleasure to welcome 6 new companies.

You can see the list of LHoFT members on our Innovators page, but here's a look at the members who have now joined us:

Hosted Fixed-Deskers:

InReg delivers competency-based monitoring, advisory and training solutions to the asset management and life insurance sectors.

https://www.inreg.eu/ - Regtech


LiquidityHouse brings banks, insurance companies and investment funds together in a fast and efficient way, aiming to cut through the market’s lack of transparency and give your company all the tools it needs to find its ideal business partner.

https://liquidityhouse.eu/ - Fundtech


BankerLinks is a Bankers networking and collaboration platform. 

http://www.bankerlinks.com/ - Payments/ Banking


B4Finance provides a complete suite of products for regulatory compliance.

https://www.b4finance.com/ - Regtech


New Fellow Members:

Servicoo pour Servicoin et Servichain – Le portefeuille qui paie vos services. 

https://servicoo.com/ - Payments / Banking


CommSol provides Change Management Advisory, Implementation and Execution services as well as Interim Management and Contracting solutions to the Financial Services industry. 

https://www.commsolassociates.co.uk - Advisory

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