The LHoFT ecosystem is aimed at addressing the many challenges faced by Fintech providers - from providing a launchpad into the EU, to finding investment, mentors and potential partners. The latest challenge we're approaching is talent sourcing.

We're partnered with MoBerries to launch a shared talent network for LHoFT members and partners; creating a network of candidates which can be tapped into by all companies - using an algorithmic approach to matching candidates and vacancies. 

MoBerries Co-Founder Mo Moubarak at the LHoFT for Talent Month

How does it work?

When a LHoFT member receives an application which doesn't go through to a hire (if the vacancy was already filled, or the candidate wasn't a perfect fit) they can invite that candidate into the LHoFT talent network. From there, their profile will be evaluated by the MoBerries algorithm and matched with other member companies. 

This is a force-multiplier for talent looking to move to Luxembourg, ensuring maximum exposure to opportunities, as well as maximum exposure to talent for Luxembourg's Fintech and financial services companies. 

Does it replace my existing hiring solution?

The platform can integrate directly with your existing applicant tracking system (ATS). Uploading you job specifications is simple, and you'll quickly start being matched with candidates in the system. A MoBerrries account manager walk you through the whole process once you sign up. 

What does it cost?

LHoFT members: For candidates that are referred by other companies in the LHoFT network, there is no charge. If you match with a candidate from the wider pool of MoBerries candidates, you will be charged only in the event of a successful hire. Rates are extremely competitive, and discounted for the LHoFT ecosystem. 

Sign up HERE to get started.

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