‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, says the old proverb.

It’s true today as much as ever. The challenging circumstances brought about by COVID19 are likely to have a transformational impact on the way we work. Teams that have relied on shared office space for communication have been thrown into a ‘distributed’ world with Whatsapp groups, video conferencing, and Google docs. 

In this very troubled time, we wonder what is best: to closely follow the news, or avoid obsessing. To analyse everything seriously, or take things lightly to remain sound of mind. Rely heavily on videos call, or isolate yourself with a book. Over-work, or focus on sport. Comfort food, or green juice and smoothies. Follow a daily routine, or take it as it comes. Watch Netflix, or avoid screens… Everyone has their own advice. Everyone has his own method. Everyone has his own rhythm. Everyone does what they can. 

At the LHoFT, we'd like to share a heartfelt thanks to the healthcare professionals on the front line of this pandemic, and every other essential worker (cashier, garbage collector, truck drivers, delivery people…) out there supporting our communities. We're doing what we can to support the entrepreneurs and employees in our ecosystem, and the challenges they face in adapting to this unknown situation. The agility and the resilience witnessed so far have been truly inspiring. 

One of the big changes that might have a lasting impact after this crisis is “home working”. As everything new in life, we are all having to learn at rapid pace how to deal with the challenges involved. It can be like learning to be an adult all over again...


Day one of the quarantine can be difficult to process.

“I don’t wanttttttt to do this” 


Day two of confinement at home, or 'the terrible twos', is when you come to grips with the challenges of your new reality. 

“WHY my VPN is not working? WHY is my internet so slow? WHY is my apartment so cold? I can't do anything!”


Day three, the adolsecent stage of the new home-working professional, can often be where the wheels fall off. 

“I don’t give a damn. What's new on Netflix?”


Day four is the beginning of adulthood, where the weight of responsibility settles in, and progress must be made. 

“Back to business. It's actually amazing how much can be done from my livingroom...”


Day five brings maturity, as we embrace the positives and mitigate the negatives. Evolving our habits to fit the new model. The question is no longer "is remote work here to stay?" but will remote work become a bigger part of the new normal? Writing emails with the kids around, brainstorming business problems while cooking, being on a conference call while doing a laundry… 

Adaptability and agility might be the precious outcomes of all this. Let’s not forget the lessons we learn, let’s be confident in taking new approaches, and most of all let’s stay safe and every day send our thanks and appreciation to all the healthcare professionals and other essential workers who keep the outside world running while we #WorkFromHome

Meanwhile the LHoFT team have a few insights on how find contentment and productivity in this “Home Working” challenge:

"Take breaks, take exercise, make it fun, wear headphones to mute the children."

Nasir Zubairi - CEO

"My recommendation is to always focus on the outcome. By having clear goals for you and your team, on what you want to achieve each day, no matter if you work in your kitchen or in your hammock, you will deliver value and feel good by the end of the day."

Alex Panican Head of Ecosystem and Partnerships

"Put things in perspective. See it as a learning experience and be as productive as you can. Do you! And do what works for you!"

Antony Martini - Community Engagement Manager

"It might be tempting to set up a typical office desk environment at home, but what is most important is comfort; can you work from there for ~8 hours per day? The best solution to that might be the kitchen table, or it could be the couch."

Dan Gray - Content and Marketing

"Take this moment as an opportunity to change perspective about your business and your life. Don't be afraid to work from the kitchen or your sofa , reconsidering daily activities might be the key to success."

Daniele Calderai - Marketing Analyst

"Set a schedule and stick to it!"

Dilek Ayaydin-Batal - Head of Administration

"Working from home 101: 1) Start your day with a rich breakfast. 2) Coffee & Work. 3) Lunch. 4) Take a nap for productivity. 5) Try to get the rest of your work done within the next 2 hours after your nap. 6) Enjoy the rest of your afternoon."

Frédéric Weimerskirch - Programmes Manager

"Working from home is very productive, you just need to get organized. We are lucky to have all the tools at our disposal to do well. However, it is not ideal, it is not the same without the wonderful LHoFT team."

Jelena BaricAccounting & Legal Assistant

"Working from home is an opportunity for study & reflection. I am thankful for the IT infrastructure that makes this possible in the first place!"

Jérôme Verony - Research and Strategy Associate

"Prepare yourself for the day physically and mentally. Take some time in the morning to think through the day ahead, set objectives, clear your thoughts, same as you would do during your daily commute."

Manon Loison - Head of Marketing

"Working from home is amazing, your day is much more productive, no time lost in traffic jams, no schedule, just time for working. Find out what cats really do all day."

Romain Iovalone - Events Manager

We remain available via the usual channels (Email, Phone Text, What's App, Skype), so feel free to contact us directly with questions, or if there's any way we can be of assistance.

We have set up an email address specifically for support enquiries: support@lhoft.lu

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