Europe is the largest fintech & insurtech lab in the world, where more than 5000 startup solutions are connected with banks, insurers and other large companies.

100 Startups will bring together the world’s best fintech & insurtech talent in a unique accelerated connection program. 

You will find 100 of the best business solutions in your business/vertical niche selected by specialized innovation and accelerator hubs.

Because we know that going from one event to another is exhausting, they have designed for you the first sales fast track space in Europe.

Two-day high-level intensive meetings. You will have exclusive sessions dedicated to buying technology through 1to1 meetings and networking.

Know the future of fintech & insurtech globally through their sponsors.



Madrid - Royal Tapestry Factory
Calle Fuenterrabía, 2, 28014


5 NOV 2020 to 5 NOV 2020


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