Curious about in Fintech in Korea for 2020? 

Then the Online Korea Fintech Week is made for you. This virtual expo will be help in in Seoul from May 28 to 30 May due to public health and safety concerns amid the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19.

A call is launched to the Luxembourg-based Fintech companies who wish to get connected with major Korean fintech businesses. There is no fee for participation, but digital promotional materials* such as video or IR materials are needed to be submitted by participating companies.

How can I apply? 

  • Download the form from Fintech Center Korea and submit it by e-mail.
  • Access:
  • [Information/Notice Board] and download the application form 2020 Korea Fintech Week
  • Fill out the form
  • Submit the Application form by e-mail to: by Friday 8th of May morning. 


28 MAY 2020 to 30 MAY 2020


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