Global Leaders Series with Henri Arslanian

“Bringing you the biggest names in Fintech”


Join us on Friday, October 30th at 12h00 for a fireside chat about the “Future of Money” with Henri Arslanian, one of the most influential voices in Fintech worldwide.

In less than 60 minutes, we'll learn about the future of money, the evolution of crypto and what keeps Henri particularly excited about the sector.

We'll also dive in into the barriers and challenges the sector has faced with an emphasis on C-19 and explore new opportunities to seize in the now and very near future.

As one of the few highly successful vloggers on Fintech and Crypto, we'll discuss about what inspired Henri to create those channels and how he sees those evolve moving forward.


  • 12h00 PM - 12h40 : Fireside chat between Henri and Nasir
  • 12h40 - 1h00 : Q&A with audience

Questions from the audience will be taken live

Learn everything about Henri:




30 OCT 2020 to 30 OCT 2020
Starting time: 12:00


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