In the development world, we often talk of the missing... the missing middle, the missing piece of the puzzle, the missing link. The area of our missing forests is also increasingly coming to the fore.

Each year, an area of forest the size of Belgium is lost from our planet. This comes with devastating consequences as forests are integral to the well-being of our planet. Forests regulate ecosystems, protect biodiversity, play an integral part in the carbon cycle, support livelihoods, and can help drive sustainable growth. When forests are lost and degraded, we see very different effects: greenhouse gas emissions, less chances to sequester carbon, development challenges, dif culty conserving ecosystems and perhaps most notably climate change. These effects are by no means isolated; here in Luxembourg, the young recently took to the streets, aware of how climate change is likely to affect their future.

The severity of these issues mean that a united effort is needed to stem the problem. It is not possible to combat deforestation through public initiatives alone, we all need to commit to change the current situation. As the WWF reported, it is through functioning forests that we have the best chance of withstanding climate change.

This conference explores the impact of “the Missing Belgium” and looks at projects which are helping to restore forests in Central America.


  • 17h30: Ordinary General Meeting
  • 18h30: Welcome - Mr. Rudi Belli, Senior Vice President, Secretary General, Spuerkeess
  • 18h40: Keynote (problems) - Professor Dr. Ravi Fernando, Global Strategic Corporate Sustainability (Pvt) Ltd
  • 19h20: Keynote (solutions) - Mr. Kaspar Wansleben, Investing for Development SICAV
  • 19h40: Questions & Answers with the audience
  • 19h50: Networking cocktail

Special invitee: Mr. Pierre Gramegna, Minister of Finance

Moderation by Ms. Apricot Wilson, Investing for Development SICAV


Investing for Development SICAV is an umbrella fund as such operates separate Sub-Funds: 

- Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund

- Forestry and Climate Change Fund


Spuerkeess, Banking Centre
19 avenue de la Liberté,
1931 Luxembourg


27 JUN 2019 to 27 JUN 2019
Starting time: 17:30


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