Even if you don't consider yourself creative, the design thinking methodologies shared in this workshop will show you that you can easily think and act as a designer that can be used to make your product stand out and solve the most pressing problems first on a creative level you didn't think you could reach.

Justus Bruns applies his design thinking methodologies to his clients that include Google and Mastercard. He also works together with the Dutch government to tackle big problems like loneliness through functional product design.

Bruns wants to show you how design is more than just making things pretty, it's about how form should follow function.


Justus Bruns has founded two companies with his co-founder Mingus Vogel. CNVNC, a design agency, helps big corporate clients such as Diageo, ArcelorMittal, Philips, Google and Mastercard get their message across using smarter ways of communicating. His other company, VOUW, works on more conceptual works tackling problems like loneliness but also designing huge light art installations in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. Both businesses are based in Amsterdam but they also deal regularly with clients in Luxembourg.


9, Rue du Laboratoire
L-1911 Luxembourg


15 DEC 2019 to 15 DEC 2019
Starting time: 14:30

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