How will Robo-advisors reshape Asset Management?


  • 18h30: opening of the conference with a presentation of the LHOFT (Luxembourg House of Financial Technology), by Alex PANICAN, followed by a presentation of INITIO and Square Group, by its President Jérôme BOUCHERON. Then Luca BRUNI will introduce you to our speakers and special guests.
  • 18h45: Frédéric LORAIN (Senior consultant, Initio) will share some of the results of the study led by a team of Initio Consultants and his insights about Robo-Advisors, 
  • 19h00: Olus KAYACAN (Business Development Director, will cover Digital Transformation, Regtech, Compliance and their influence on robo-advisors,
  • 19h10: Koen VANDERHOYDONK (CEO Luxembourg & Belgium, Blanco) will zoom on Digitalized KYC onboarding and Compliance management coupled with robo-advisors,
  • 19h20: Sebastien HASENACK (Co-CEO, Investify) will perform an exclusive presentation of Investify’s robo-advisor and why Luxembourg was chosen to implement their solution,
  • 19h35: Ken Van EESBEEK (Sales Director, Birdee) will  describe for us Birdee’s algorithm method, its allocation management and rebalancing processes,
  • 19h50: Thibault de BARSY (CEO, Keytrade Luxembourg) will tell us about Keytrade's strategic partnership with Gambit Financial Solutions and share his knowledge about performance, reporting issues and clients' feedback,  to conclude with his view about competition,
  • 20h05: 3 pitchs:
  1. aixigo with Michael DECKER
  2. STARTALERS with Gaëlle HAAG
  3. HighWave Capital with David FURCAJG
  • 20h10: Conclusion

After the conference, you will be free to join us for our Networking Cocktail!


The LHoFT Foundation
9, rue du Laboratoire
L-1911 Luxembourg


10 OCT 2018 to 10 OCT 2018
Starting time: 18:00


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