Leading Edge Conference

Technology: how to use the accelerating advances in Fund TA & Distribution Operations


On 6 November, at the premises of the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT), proven TA experts will analyse and discuss the impact of innovative technology on transfer agency and the fund industry in general during the ALFI Leading Edge Conference. 

The Leading Edge event will ask whether “traditional TA” is still relevant as technology revolutionises the way we work. Other sessions will showcase Fintech solutions and examine the application of innovative technology in AML and in distribution, always looking for ways to add value in practice. How will TA and distribution operations develop in the next decade?

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The draft agenda has just been released, get a sneak preview.


9, rue du Laboratoire, L-1911 Luxembourg


6 NOV 2018 to 6 NOV 2018
Starting time: 8:00


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