Startup : Are you a passionate startup owner in the field of ManCoTech ?

                Are you leading an innovative project ?

                Do you want to challenge your business model ?

We are looking for startups with technologies and innovations that could help steer the future of Management Companies.

If you are ready to pitch your business model and disrupt the Investment Management market, Mind & Market is the place for you. Your application must be completed no later than 31 October 2020.

Our only advice : Be passionate and be yourself ! 

Your schedule :

You will have five minutes to present your company and inspire us.
During the second round of five minutes, you will be grilled by our jury of experts and the audience during the Q&A session.
The last five minutes will be dedicated to giving you some constructive feedback.

Is your company constantly seeking out innovation to remain competitive and support its development ?

Do you want to accelerate the time to market for your company’s innovations ?

Or, are you passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship ?

If yes, click the below button to challenge other startups during the Q&A session and get inspired by their pitch.

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to


24 NOV 2020 to 24 NOV 2020
Starting time: 10:00


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