The NadiFin Acceleration programme powered by MiddleGame Ventures in partnership with the LHoFT focuses exclusively on cutting edge fintech startups that are using AI/ML, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain and other “deeptech” tools to create seamless solutions and businesses for the European financial services market.

The NadiFin programme engages a broad network of investors and strategic partners to facilitate real-world progress outside the classroom. The cohort will compete in a trademarked peer-voting startup accelerator curriculum (powered by Village Capital) leading to a €100,000 investment from MiddleGame Ventures.

You’ll spend 9 intensive days with peer entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and potential customers from March to May for two workshops in Luxembourg and Dublin and a one day webinar.

Participating companies will be directly connected with potential strategic partners and investors through curated events while also giving and receiving in-depth feedback from your peers.

How to apply
Fintechs that are preparing to raise their series A or B round can now apply to the NadiFin FintechAcceleration Program by going to and completing the application process before February 21, 2020. Applications will be reviewed by the selection committee composed of MiddleGame Ventures (MGV), advisory board members, sponsors and select mentors.


10 MAY 2020 to 15 MAY 2020


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