The Quantum Insight Executive Briefing

Quantum Computing is the next computational gold rush, and it's coming faster than you think. IBM, Google, Microsoft, D-Wave and other tech titans are betting billions on it. If they are right, then the financial services industry needs to upshift to survive the impact of this profound technological change.

In this half-day event at the LHoFT, join us to see how quantum computing will revolutionize your business, and why it's vital to begin today. Witness a live demonstration of the impact on portfolio and asset managers. Learn from presentations and panel discussions featuring leading international subject matter experts.

Innovate, adapt and spring ahead

  • When: 1 October 2019, starting at 9.00 am 
  • Where: Luxembourg House of Financial Technology - 9, rue du Laboratoire, L-​1911 Luxembourg
  • More info: 

Brought to you by FutureLab and D-Wave.


9, rue du Laboratoire,
L-​1911 Luxembourg


1 OCT 2019 to 1 OCT 2019
Starting time: 9:00

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