ZKLux#1: Luxembourg's First Zero Knowledge Days by Sikoba Research 

ZKP (zero-knowledge proofs) is a method to prove the knowledge of some fact, without revealing that fact. It is already used in several blockchains and is expected to have a major impact on applications that involve transactions, identity systems, and proprietary information in general.

ZKLux#1 is the perfect occasion to find out about this exciting and important new technology!

Wednesday 26th June, 14:00-18:00

Technical Sessions & Hands-on Workshop

  • Targeted audience: students, researchers and IT developers. Some mathematical background required.
  • Location: LHoFT, "Bajcsy" meeting room on the 3rd floor
  • Attendance limit: 20

Thursday 27th June, 10:00-17:30

ZKLux#1 Conference 

  • Target audience: C-level executives wishing to learn about the impact of Zero Knowledge proofs, managers in charge of technology and innovation, blockchain practitioners, professionals interested in data privacy.
  • Conference program: The goal of the conference is to provide a wide-ranging overview of Zero Knowledge Proofs without requiring any prior technical knowledge. 
  • Location: House of Startups, "Big Bang" room (level -1)


LHoFT / House of Startups
9 Rue du Laboratoire,
L-1911, Luxembourg


26 JUN 2019 to 27 JUN 2019
Starting time: 14:00


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