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Aevum Technologies LTD

Fintech sector: Authentication

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2018

Funding raised: 10000

Elevator pitch

Counterfeit of goods results in the loss of billions of euros per year. An important effected group corresponds to firms dealing in luxury items, critical structural components and pharmaceuticals. In addition to the effected firms, their insurers and customers are also impacted. Aevum Technologies has developed innovative irremovable and irreproducible label-signatures permitting absolute object authentication, fulfilling current market needs. This solution is provided by Aevum’s proprietary, patent pending, authentication technologies.  

Problem solved

Providing absolute authenticity of physical items. Additionally, encoding information into physical authentication technology for smart provenance of items such as, insured works of art, and critical goods like pharmaceuticals and steel.  

Solution / technology

Providing absolute authenticity with a combination of cutting edge techniques including nanotechnology, DNA sequencing and microtechnology; underpinned by proprietary algorithms and a cloud based client platform.


Aevum Technologies has a portfolio of patents

Market size


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