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Fintech sector: Personal Finance, Financial Education

Country of incorporation: Republic of South Africa

Year of incorporation: 2017

Team names, roles
and company contact

Ms Tebogo Mokwena, CTO, Co-Founder 

Mr Kamogelo Kekana, COO, Co-Founder

Elevator pitch

For the young, tech-savvy millennial who is struggling to save or save effectively, Akiba is a mobile app that makes it easy and effective to save using behavioral and alternative data.

Akiba's mission is to ensure that every one of our customers has a rainy day fund and with our savings app being the starting point, Akiba's vision is to be the first data-driven marketplace for financial services, in Africa.

We believe our 10X value proposition to our users includes incentivised positive savings behaviours, personalised financial literacy, goal setting, behavioural coaching, accountability all in a fun and quirky gamified experience. 

Problem solved

  • Lack of financial literacy amongst millennials/young people
  • Complex financial language
  • Inconvenient channels to access financial products
  • Lack of, non-effective goal-setting tools
  • Lack of positive reinforcement in respect to financial goals set

Solution / technology

A data-driven marketplace that offers a gamified experience that combines financial behavioural coaching, a rewards program, goal-setting & visualisation to make savings and general financial goals more effective, powered by an AI bot.


AI powered financial coaching integrated with a gamified application that empowers users to put learnings into practice whilst collating financial behavioural data which allows for live peer2peer financial (spending & savings) comparisons and richer insights for better financial product personalisation.

As it stands, in the South African market, we're the only completely gamified savings platform (more gamification elements than the next closest competitor). Effective use of AI (trained chatbot & simplified on-boarding through live facial detection).

Market size

6.7 million [South Africa]

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