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ANote Music

Fintech sector: Fundtech (exotic stock exchange)

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2018

Funding raised: 25k privately

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Matteo Cernuschi, CEO

Mr Marzio Flavio Schena, CFO

Mr Grégoire Mathonet, CTO

Elevator pitch

ANote Music is a stock exchange for music ownership rights. It enables high-net worth individuals and established record labels to diversify their investment portfolio using our new asset class whose performance is uncorrelated from the rest of the market.

Problem solved

ANote wants to make a completely closed market transparent while allowing people to diversify their investment portfolio, therefore reducing the risk for all the actors.

Solution / technology

The core product of ANote is the stock exchange platform, as a scalable cloud architecture. A private blockchain help every big actor trust all stakeholders.


For the sellers: we are the only place where music shareholders can liquidate their assets.

For the buyers: we are the only place that provides direct exposure to this asset class in a non-locking way.

Market size

The music industry royalties generated 27 bn€ last year, amongst which 13bn were generated in Europe. We expect to get 5% market share of Europe over the next three years.

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