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Fintech sector: Payments, Crypto, Blockchain

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2017

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr. Oleg Strelenko, Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Jesus Pena-Garcia, Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Vitaly Bondar, General Counsel

Elevator pitch

Apla is a full-service blockchain technology company that enables governments and businesses to work faster, safer and with greater impact. Apla develops solutions based on its own, proprietary blockchain platform. Voting system, land registries, financial services, medical records, IP rights distribution, donation and other social good market places, this is a short list of proven use cases of the Apla’s blockchain protocol.

Problem solved

E-government. Apla proposes to transition all governmental activities to a blockchain platform, rather than automating its separate services and/or functions.


Business. Apla offers private blockchain platform for creation of digital ecosystems to organize financial, business, and other economic activities.

Solution / technology

Apla develops solutions based on its own blockchain platform, which optimize organizational processes for e-government and businesses, bringing IT architecture security and data integrity to a new level.


Usability. Apla blockchain platform is easy to use. Users interact with visual interfaces, instead of code.


Fast operations. Maximum performance speed matches organisation’s requirements. 


Rapid application development. Where other require half a year to develop a working application, our platform is ready to go in a couple of weeks.


Flexible access rights. Apla offers a multi-level rights management system allowing for full blockchain control and human factor prevention. 


Cybersecurity risk management. Apla invented Smart Law mechanism for legal resolution of cyber-attacks and source code vulnerabilities. Smart Laws can evaluate and rectify errors where there are program contradictions or flaws in the algorithm. 

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