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Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2017

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Tuomas Saarinen, Chairman

Mr Vesa Renfors, COO

Mr Andreas Dahlen, Advisory and Institutional Investment Director

Mr Tuomas Nousiainen, Investment Research and Advisory Director

Elevator pitch

Apollonian INSIGHT-analysis helps companies to standout, identify, value, manage and grow their intangible assets. These assets are fundamental for business development and shows if a company will be able to survive and prosper in a competitive environment over the long haul.

Problem solved

Apollonian INSIGHT increases transparency on the market for both the company and investors as they have a full overview of all assets and their value. Thanks to a more precise valuation - future acquisitions, capital investments, buy-outs and initial public offerings are made easier.

Solution / technology

Standardized valuation method in accordance with international accounting standards. Suitable for any type of company or portfolio (both equity and debt).


Apollonian has a unique approach to company assessment and valuation that identifies all assets, including intangibles, which have a significant impact on revenues and performance. INSIGHT analysis reveals the company’s hidden value and growth potential, resulting in the most accurate analysis of the underlying company value.

Market size


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