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Fintech sector: ArtTech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Country of incorporation: Belgium

Year of incorporation: 2016

Team names, roles
and company contact

Philippe Gellman, CEO

Olivier Marian, CSO

Marek Zabicki, CTO

Elevator pitch

Arteïa’s aim is to be the first comprehensive, advanced technology platform, set to empower collectors in the management of their art collection. It aims to seriously disrupt the opaque world of art trading and price setting by addressing existing needs, such as cataloguing and reporting to strengthen collection’s fundamentals (‘house in order’), before introducing dynamic functionalities not available to collectors yet, such as predictive pricing & peer-to-peer trading based on blockchain technology.   Arteïa  is embedding state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology and methodologies such as blockchain, digital DNA, data science and AI.

Problem solved

Arteïa  solves several problems inherent to the traditional art market: it fights theft and counterfeiting through keeping a secure provenance record of artworks; fights information asymmetries by removing the need to use costly intermediaries; and brings liquidity to a market which desperately lacks it through peer-to-peer trading. 

Solution / technology

Arteïa's solution is an integrated platform serving all the needs of actors in the art market. By combining a cloud-based collection management with blockchain services of provenance and peer-to-peer trading, Arteïa brings a cutting-edge solution to the market. These technologies are further enhanced using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and micro-targeting approach to interests and profile matching to provide the highest level of services to art lovers and art professionals


Independence:  built by collectors for collectors, with no ties with auction houses and commercial galleries

Security: each user has their own database, with the cloud located in the jurisdiction of their choice. Furthermore, there is the option to opt for an offline server

Integration: unlike the competition, the platform brings together all the art players and solutions in one place, thus ensuring its sustainability

Customised: the platform architecture offers highly flexible solutions such as user permissions, reporting suite and elected data sharing

Trust & anonymity: the community is vetted (KYC, AML) and the transactions are traceable (smart contracts) whilst allowing elected anonymity

Market size

The Total Addressable Market for art collection management SaaS is estimated to be worth:

BtC: 5.5 bn €

BtB: 1.0 bn €

Expanded to collectibles, the TAM would be worth an extra 9.5 bn € (BtC).

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