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Fintech sector: DLT-enabled investments

Country of incorporation: Switzerland

Year of incorporation: 2019

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Daniel Kimber, Co-Founder


Mr Ciaran MacDevette, Co-Founder

Elevator pitch

Bakari brings tokenised alternative investments to market, primarily focusing on precious metals, minerals and renewable energy infrastructure. The company has the access and expertise necessary to identify high quality assets in specialised environments and to make them investible.

Problem solved

Bakari solves issues related to accessibility and liquidity in the alternative investments market.

Solution / technology

Bakari’s solutions are based on innovation and compliance, bringing the benefits of DLT to financial markets while offering traditional safeguards for peace of mind.


Bakari originated in the mining and producing industries, bringing cultivated networks and deep expertise to the sourcing of alternative assets.

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