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Baltic Amber Solutions (BAS)

Fintech sector: Core banking system, Banking as a Service (BaaS).

Country of incorporation: Lithuania

Year of incorporation: 2012

Team names, roles
and company contact

Executive team at NANO

Mr. Narimantas Bloznelis – CEO and Co-Founder

Mr. Justas Kapočius – Head of Business Development

Mr. Georg Kotomin – Member of the Board

Elevator pitch

We will help you to transform your unique idea into a global business. Focus on conquering the world and our frictionless banking-as-a-service engine will do the rest.

No matter how bold and far reaching the idea is, we will do it. Because like you, NANO is ahead of time.

Problem solved

Legacy banking systems fail to correspond to the needs of today and the future.

Solution / technology

NANO - a banking platform that sets new global banking standards.


NANO is designed for fintech innovators who need fast and flexible banking. A financial technology that lets you focus on growth. Unlike others NANO, like you, is ahead of time.

Market size

More than $10B (approx. size of global fintech market).

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