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Fintech sector: Financial / Banking sector

Country of incorporation: France

Year of incorporation: In France: 2012; In Luxembourg: March 2017

Funding raised: the capital is entirely held by the two owners. No funds were raised

Team names, roles
and company contact

Romain Bignon, CEO - Co-Founder

Clément Coeurdeuil, CEO - Co-Founder 

Elevator pitch

We provide tools to the finance and banking sector, to offer to their own consumers a digital, smart and unique experience managing their finances 

Problem solved

-  for Banks : better final customer experience, PSD2 compliance, API management to plug as many fintechs services as   needed

-  for Family Offices : a better vision of their clients wealth and better advisory solution

-  for Accountants : full vision of bills in a click, no need to wait for the paper versions anymore.

-  for Insurance : no need to wait the bank statement (all information can be aggregated through the API) 

Solution / technology

-  Bank API : aggregate more than 300 banks in only one place

-  Bill API : aggregate 200 suppliers’ invoices

-  Wealth API : we retrieve the ISIN code of life insurances, trading accounts, saving plans, and many others

-  Budgea Pay API : Payment initiation and all recipients are mutualised

-  API Management : you can interconnect the best fintech services to your interface in the easiest way through our API       Management

-  PSD2 API : expose your data in a PSD2 compliant way with our PSD2 API. 


-  300 bank connectors around Europe

-  Only financial aggregator that aggregate data through API in Luxembourg

-  Specialized in B2B field

-  TPP and PSD2 compliant 

Market size

All kind of financial establishments, from startups to great companies 

Relevant links - Budgea iPhone - Budgea Android

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