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CAPILEX S. à r.l.

Fintech sector: Lending Platform - Mortgage Backed Lending

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2020

Funding raised: Warranted by our own personal funding sources

Team names, roles
and company contact

Lex Gielen – Co-Founder


Luc van Laarhoven  –  Co-Founder 

Elevator pitch

We operate a fully automated mortgage-backed lending platform, offering finance solutions for SME’s and professional investors. Thanks to AI, financial algorithms and legislation like PSD2, we can work faster, more cost effective and with greater efficiency as the traditional banks.

Problem solved

With Real Estate as guarantee we are able to offer extreme fast and flexible finance solutions to our professional clients. By using innovative pledging solutions, we are able to directly forward these guarantees to our funding partners, offering them secure and low risk medium- and long-term investment opportunities.


Capilex is a spin-off of the young and successful Dutch Alternative Finance provider, Atlantis Financiers N.V. that was founded in 2013. Atlantis Financiers currently serves over 3,000 SME’s with effective entrepreneurial finance solutions. Combining the deep industry knowledge of Atlantis Financiers together with the implementation of new technological ingenuity and legislation, Capilex is able to bring a refreshing, fast and flexible lending experience to its borrowers while offering the best possible security to its funders.

Market size

The Dutch Mortgage Market is currently around 600 Billion Euro

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