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Fintech sector: Fundtech: innovative solutions to scout, assess, value, manage and monitor impact investments in Asia

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2019

Funding raised: 1 million €

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Paolo Brichetti, Executive Director

Mr Federico Carini, Executive Director

Elevator pitch

Today, in a global context where success in business cannot be achieved without focus and specialization; where technology is dramatically changing the financial sector and sustainable development is turning into a survival issue, we believe that Asia Impact can play a critical role to improve the effectiveness and success of impact investment initiatives in India and Southeast Asia. 

Asia Impact leverages on its management skills and unique experience (in the inclusive finance and fin-tech sector in India and Southeast Asia), to design and implement innovative solutions to channel financial resources into impact investment opportunities across Asia.

Problem solved

Tailored, innovative tools and methodologies to manage impact investments initiatives in Asia

Solution / technology

Data analytics, assessment methodologies, governance and risk management methodologies and best practices applied to impact investments; mobile technology solutions to track and monitor field operations; innovative cash management solutions in rural Asia 


A large network of managers operating across Europe and Asia, each one with at least 15 years experience in investments, inclusive finance, fin-tech, microfinance, development services with a geographical focus in Asia.

Market size

According to GIIN, the estimated market size of Impact investments in India and Southeast Asia reached US$ 25 b in 2018 (500 b worldwide). 

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