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Fintech sector: Investments, cross-border lending

Country of incorporation: Germany | Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2014 | 2017

Team names, roles
and company contact

Oliver Schimek, CEO & Founder (based in Berlin)

Alex Lawrence, Managing Director (Luxembourg)

Elevator pitch

CrossLend is a digital marketplace with a CSSF-licensed securitisation setup. Our setup enables the fast, cost-efficient, customised creation, selling and purchase of transparent loan-backed bonds for investors in search of attractive investment opportunities and originators looking to scale their lending business.

Problem solved

Despite massive liquidity programmes and zero-to-negative interest rates, the eurozone’s real economy remains underfunded. Meanwhile, regulation and imperfect capital markets prevent large pools of institutional capital from flowing effectively across Europe’s borders. Our solution is a unique securitisation structure that turns loans into tradeable instruments in a fast, flexible and cost-efficient way, even down to a single-loan basis. The result? Investors are able to build diversified portfolios of loans, via bonds, at a pan-European level, with complete risk transparency. Originators profit from flexible opportunities to scale their lending business, while simultaneously relieving their balance sheet and maintaining customer relations. Borrowers across Europe benefit from originators’ increased lending capabilities and flexibility.

Solution / technology

Automated, agile and scalable process. Blockchain technology in our next business phase.


  • Seamless, real time
  • Forward flow solution without warehousing costs
  • Issued bonds each have an ISIN are fully cleared with a look-through, pass-through structure
  • Cross-border tradability
  • No tranching
  • Fully operational platform
  • CSSF-licensed setup

Market size

European monetary financial institution loans, €10tn (mainly Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands as of July 2017), €4tn unserved

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