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Fintech sector: Financial Services for Managing Information Technology Risk

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2018

Funding raised: € 2 million

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Ryan Dodd, CEO/founder

Dr. Glenn Lawyer, Head of R&D

Elevator pitch

If data, IT and software create enormous value for corporations, how come companies don’t report to their public shareholders how they are managing and protecting their valuable “cyber” assets? They report every other major risk and asset (i.e. credit, financial, health and safety, manufacturing). Commercial organizations need to measure risk in financial terms to rationally manage potential impacts on enterprise value. Cyberhedge is the only company able to measure the changing impact of cyber security risk on shareholder value.

Problem solved

We help companies better measure, manage and communicate the value of their data and information technology assets, a critical source of shareholder value. 

Solution / technology

We use machine learning to analyse over 1,000 data points, covering technical, behavioral, and industry-specific features of a company, to produce a ranking of their cyber vulnerability. Our rankings are benchmarked against changes in market capitalization.


We have the only cyber risk management solution which can “speak CFO,” allowing company leadership to report cyber risk mitigation strategies to stakeholders.

Market size

Every global corporation above $50mn in revenue

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