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Fintech sector: Blockchain / Identity

Country of incorporation: UK

Year of incorporation: 2016

Team names, roles
and company contact

Steve Pomfret, CEO

Alex Walton, COO

Damian Bell, Business Development Director

Elevator pitch

Cygnetise offers firms a digital platform to create, maintain and distribute authorised signatory lists, providing far better risk oversight, corporate governance and audit to their current paper based processes.

Problem solved

The administrative burden of recreating paper/pdf signature lists, which is time consuming and can be open to fraud if not accurately maintained.


Clients who use our platform enjoy up to a 90% reduction in the time spent compiling and distributing authorised signatory lists as well as real-time updates to their counterparts with whom they share their lists.

Solution / technology

A private, permissioned blockchain built using Ethereum


It is a decentralised database, allowing peer to peer sharing of information safely and securely without the need for a central administrator.

Market size

Cygnetise can be used in any sector and geography.

Any firm that needs to manage an authorised signatory list of its personnel can use the platform.

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