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Fintech sector: RegTech

Country of incorporation: Belgium

Year of incorporation: 2006

Funding raised: €0

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr. Frederik Rosseel, CEO

Mrs. Annelore Lenoir, CFO

Mr. Hugues Defoin, CPO 

Elevator pitch

Docbyte is no stranger to the world of automation. Thanks to our years of experience with process automation and capture solutions, we know what challenges our customers are facing now and in years to come. Thanks to this knowledge, we can implement new solutions at blinding speed and ensure that integration with legacy systems is flawless.

Problem solved

Never again let your customers wait, thanks to our digital onboarding experience. They expect a modern and quick – almost instant – experience when they open an account or apply for a loan or contract. With clever use of intelligent technologies based in machine learning, we reduce the time spent on onboarding from days to minutes. Moreover, our solution improves overall regulatory compliance and is available in a fully modular and customizable package.

These modules can also be used to implement Digital Mailroom, Distributed/Mobile Capture or Compliant Archiving solutions.

Solution / technology

Digital Onboarding, ID Capture & Screening, Digital Mailroom, Customer Interaction Management and Compliant Archiving.


Docbyte can help you automate and streamline your customer’s entire journey, from first contact to signed contract.

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