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Fintech sector: Data Management, Reconciliation

Country of incorporation: United Kingdom

Year of incorporation: 2013

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Christian Nentwich, CEO

Mr Michael Marconi, CTO

Mr Vincent Him, Business Development Director – Luxembourg

Elevator pitch

Our mission is to make managing data easy.


  • The proliferation of data formats and volumes are causing big issues in enterprises, who spend billions dealing with the resulting problems. We started Duco because we believe that dealing with data at scale requires more intelligent systems.
  • Duco provides innovative technology that enables financial institutions to normalise, validate and reconcile any type of data in Duco’s cloud, providing firms with on-demand data integrity and insight.
  • Our SaaS solution, Duco Cube, is used by some of the largest companies in the world, including international banks, exchanges, asset managers, hedge funds, administrators and service providers.

Problem solved

Duco Cube can address any type of data comparison / normalization / transformation problems.

For example:

- Spreadsheet and macros replacement

- Back office control (cash and securities reconciliations)

- Streamlining regulatory reporting (MiFID2, EMIR)

- System migration and testing

- Total equity reconciliation

- Fees and commissions reconciliation

Solution / technology

Duco Cube is a SaaS-based platform that’s live in 24 hours from contract signature. Client data is hosted either in the UK or in a Luxemburgish PSF.


Compared to traditional reconciliation methods, Duco Cube enables businesses to act with far greater agility, while reducing costs and controlling risk. Our success is based on three key differentiators:

> Pure self-service. Duco Cube is the only solution in the market that truly empowers end users - no matter how technical - to set up and manage reconciliations on their own from scratch. We use smart, proprietary technology to enable users to upload data quickly, match fields using a point/click interface, then write matching rules in English sentences using our unique “Natural Rule” language.

Users can then run reconciliations and get fast results even with low qualitydata. According to Aite Group, the average industry time to set up a reconciliation is 64.4 days. With Duco Cube it’s 2.4 hours.

> Available on demand. Duco Cube is a SaaS platform - there’s no installation, hardware or maintenance required. We pledge that all new clients will be live in 24 hours, with results in 7 days and tangible business value in 30 days.

> Data agnostic. Traditional reconciliation systems are built with a specific function in mind, usually cash or stock reconciliation, and struggle to deal with diverse, complex, highly-variable data. Duco Cube was built to be data agnostic. It has no predefined schema, meaning users can upload their data “as is” and the system will learn its structure. This gives it broad applicability across all data challenges.

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