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Earthlab Luxembourg

Fintech sector: Insurtech

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2015

Funding raised: 4.8M €

Team names, roles
and company contact

Sylvain Arts, Director Sales & Marketing

Benjamin Hourte, Chief Technical Officer

Elevator pitch

Insurers drive their artificial intelligence transformation and we are their co-pilot thanks to our Max-ICS platform.

We combine remote sensing data and computer vision techniques to generate analytics that can be used in the whole insurance value chain. We co-create Artificial Intelligence models with our early adopters:

  • For underwriting: use of imagery datasets to automate the detection structural elements of buildings for past claims explanation
  • For pricing: integrate derivated metrics into a vulnerability model for ratemaking and accumulation control
  • For claims: use change detection pre/post disasters from different image sources for a first claim triage

Problem solved

Insurance companies are confronted with multiple risks for which interlined consequences are underestimated due to existing models’ imprecision and the lack of knowledge in the usable data. Combining Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and geospatial data into one end-to-end platform will reduce the uncertainty and improve their operational results. Basically, we believe that the current acceleration of the digitalization will require platforms that will give the keys to the end users and that can cover multiple business lines into companies. The innovation is to deliver such multi layers platform instead of having multiple vertical single tools. We are helping our customers to leverage all the value they can extract from their data giving them the intellectual property of the models they will create into our platform. With this approach, Max-ICS will act as a firewall to disruption effects for P&C Insurance companies and allow them to imagine new digital products for their insured subscribers in the different portfolios.

Solution / technology

The most innovative are related to Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision

The main technologies and tools we use are:

  • Big Data like Storage: Cassandra, Hadoop HDFS, Apache Hbase, ElasticSearch
  • Computing and processing: Mesos, Marathon, Chronos, Nvidia Cuda, OpenCL, RabbitMQ
  • Different computing platforms: on-premises, EarthLab Luxembourg private farm, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure
  • Automatic Provisioning and Continous Deployment: Jenkins, GitLab, PuppetLabs, Foreman

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision: TensorFlow, Keras, mxnet, , pytorch, onnx, Microsoft CNTK, Scikit Learn, Gluon, Nvidia CUDA


We come with four competitive avantages thanks to our platform:

  • Automate the creation of new data sources by converting images into evidence in risk management
  • All A.I tools and techniques into one single roof
  • Integrate A.I into the whole insurance value chain without expose critical data into the cloud thanks to our hybrid architecture
  • Easy return on investments calculation thanks to intellectual property given to our customers on A.I models they create on our platform

Market size




Value Creation targeted: €222m per year by reducing by 0,1% the global cost of the claims

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