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Emerald Rating

Fintech sector: Financial Services / Credit Risk Management

Country of incorporation: Switzerland

Year of incorporation: 2018

Team names, roles
and company contact

Danny Kaltenborn (General Manager)

Antoneta Cristea (Marketing)

Elevator pitch

  • Why? Emerald Rating exists to create a more transparent and sustainable world through scalable credit management
  • Vision: Emerald Rating makes the B2B world more transparent in terms of credit risk
  • Mission: Emerald Rating work with integrity and respect for people and nature on innovative solutions for our stakeholders

Problem solved


  • B2B Customer Risk Evaluation
  • B2B Supplier Risk Evaluation
  • Going Concern Valuation
  • Share Price Evaluation


Enhanced Consulting:

  • Credit Process Optimization
  • Website & ERP Integration

Solution / technology

Web-based automated credit scoring models


  • Scalable: Gain efficiency and save cost by accelerating business processes within your value chain
  • Transparent: Credit scoring calculators including performance indicator visibility and explanations
  • Intuitive: financial performance improvement (liquidity, financial leverage, profitability)
  • Confidential information through anonymous data entry with disconnected payment process
  • Industry proven scoring model platforms and processes (reduced bad debt risk, increased likelihood for better financing rates at your bank)
  • Stand alone or plugged in: Choose your way to integrate it in your process

Market size

230,000,000 Euro globally

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