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Fintech sector: Payment, Cryptocurrency

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2013

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Gilles MORO, CEO & Founder
Mr Hervé ARNOULD, CFO & Co-Founder
Mr Franck PILAREK, Fraud manager & Co-Founder

Ms Marine KIEFFER, Head of marketing

Elevator pitch

Our VISION: For the next 10 years
No more CASH, No more plastic cards, No more POS device à just an E-wallet + mobile. We offer omni-channel and agnostic payment solutions! EMPcorp is an ambitious FinTech start-up with a broad experience in finance, that combines innovative payment solutions all user experience oriented. The core business is based on e-wallet and e-money. Our target are e-merchants looking for a bespoke solution. Our company's talent secret sauce to success is to mix senior managers and junior payment technology experts to create the future of payment. Our main target is to propose the fast, simple, secure ways to pay such as: different prepaid cards programs, a successful payment acquisition platform, and a mobile virtual POS.

Problem solved

Since its creation we have the common will to push EMPcorp as pioneer and visionary in the payment field. EMPcorp team always wants to be one step ahead of competitors and remain at the forefront of innovation. All have the great satisfaction and pride to have imagined, developed, and designed innovative payment solutions. We are constantly searching solutions to answer e-merchants

Solution / technology

Problems we are trying to solve are to facilitate customers’ purchasing decision, optimize card acceptance and increase conversion rate.

From our prepaid card programs and acquisition platform is also born a state-of-the-art e- commerce ewallet. Thanks to a customized acquisition journey, merchants and customers discover a new and easier payment environment.

USPs: Put innovation at the heart of our omnichannel and bespoke solution, while keeping the best user experience as a priority.


Innovation is our guideline

> We work closer with our partners to know their needs and expectations. This collaboration helps us to understand market changes, merchant’s challenges and anticipate their needs to develop the suitable payment solution.

Experts on niche payment markets

> We propose innovative solutions, entirely customizable and configurable in order to offer partners a full liberty in the way their manage their business.

Improve merchants conversion rate

We help merchants to improve conversion rate and rise profitability thanks to a bespoke customer journey and a unique payment experience.

Safety comes first

We shall pay particular attention to maintain a high level of control for each product thanks to our compliance service and our new technical tools.

We have developed an easy and secure authentication platform allowing partners to secure their back offices accesses.

A Start-up spirit, but a long-time experience

Market size

Small and Medium international E-commerce websites, marketplaces and retailers looking for a dedicated and customized acquisition ewallet with many paying and payout solutions. We operate in a global market.

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