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Fair Invest Trading

Fintech sector: Robot Advisor

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2019

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr. Jean-Luc Ramboz, CEO, co-founder

Mr. Christian Lattore, CTO, co-founder

Elevator pitch

We consider the Power of the Global Finance Sector as a

concrete Opportunity to better serve the Community.

Initially focusing on the Forex Market and after more than 6

years of Research & Development, we are proud to announce

the availability of our unrivaled Trading Solution that

combines high Performance and low Risk.

In line with its mission toward the Community, and feeling

particularly engaged by the United Nations Sustainable

Development Program and its Responsible Banking charter,

Fair Invest Trading redistributes 30% of its operating results to

humanitarian foundations and environmental NGOs .

Located in Luxembourg, Fair Invest Trading makes its Trading

Method available to global financial Players who are sharing

its Core Values.

Problem solved

Over the past 10 years, most Investment Banks have suffered

from a major degradation of their trading desk performances.

The recent High Frequency Trading approach does not provide

the ultimate solution addressing the recent markets evolution.

Solution / technology

We offer a very performant robot advisor which is initially

focusing on the Forex market. It is based on our innovative

trading methodology that is drastically different from the

traditional Technical Analysis generally used in that domain.


Unique technology combining a consistent performance, only

limitedly impacted by the market fluctuations and offering

subsequently a very low risk exposure.

Market size

Our methodology is universal and can be used on several

financial markets!

Our main support market is the FOREX Spot Trading activities

(€ 1000billions/day) resulting in a company annual turnover of

€ 600millions after 5 years.

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