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Fintech sector: Payment, Regtech

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2017

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Raoul Mulheims, Co-Founder, CEO

Mr Jonathan Prince, Co-Founder, CSO

Mr Georges Berscheid, Co-Founder, CTO

Elevator pitch

FINOLOGEE is the fourth venture of Luxembourg entrepreneurs Georges Berscheid, Jonathan Prince and Raoul Mulheims. Previously they established, funded and operated Nvision, a digital agency, Mpulse, the Luxembourg national platform operator for SMS routing and micropayments for mobile operators and third parties, and Digicash, a licensed EU payment institution running the Luxembourg’s banks mobile payment product and scheme (acquired by Payconiq, a joint venture of KBC, ING, Belfius and other banks in August 2017), with a total staff of 40.


FINOLOGEE has the expertise :

- to build modern high-performance transactional platforms from scratch, usingits own teams of engineers, project managers and support functions,

- to work and partner with institutional players in the financial industry and fully comply with rules and regulation,

- to elaborate, deploy and maintain an entrepreneur-driven product building roadmap and strategy

Thus, it is able to build new ecosystems, as done in the past with Digicash (product used by 25% of the Luxembourg population with all five-major retail as partners) and Mpulse (handling 95% of SMS routing and payments).

Problem solved

FINOLOGEE helps financial industry players re-think, invent and build their customers' experience to manage more efficiently:

> The remote digital identification, due diligence and signing automation of customers using a compliant selection of new generation digital services,

> The PSD2 full regulatory compliance beside a monetisation marketplace platform for banks,

> The regulatory compliance of one-time password, messaging and billing CRM automation for financial Institutions.

Solution / technology

FINOLOGEE has three business lines:

> FINOLOGEE Onboarding, a digital services aggregation platform enabling regulated entities to outsource their customer onboarding process to a fully compliant platform,

> FINOLOGEE Access2account, a multi-layered platform facilitating both PSD2 compliance for financial institutions and monetisation strategies using its FinTech marketplace,

> FINOLOGEE Tokens & CRM, a high-performance and multi-channel messaging gateway, powering OTP/token issuing processes and optimisation of bill payment and recovery via smart messaging strategies.


FINOLOGEE truly stands at the crossroads of information technology, regulatory compliance and user experience design:

> IT & Transactional platforms: We build and operate state-of-the-art digital hubs for easy interconnection ... in the cloud. Our founders started with telecom payments at Mpulse, then brought digital payments to the banks with Digicash.

Our ecosystem platforms are highly reliable, fully scalable and secure, and so are the interfaces (web, Apps, APIs & SDKs)

> Regulatory compliance: Financial services & telecoms regulatory compliance is inherent ... by design. Both banks and telecom operators rely on the platforms and services we built. We fully master legal requirements for retail financial & telecoms services in-house and we design products accordingly

> User experience: Customers have to like it or they won't use it ... it's as simple as that. Without a great UX, don't go live in today's fully digital world. All products should be designed around the customer journey. And we know that most of the times it is foremost about the little things that make the difference

Market size

Entire financial services industry, insurance companies and telcos

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