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Fintech sector: Open banking infrastructure, Baking Data Aggregation platform

Country of incorporation: Romania

Year of incorporation: 2018

Funding raised: 180.000 EUR

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr. Cosmin Cosma, Co-founder & CEO 
Mr. Dumitru Taraianu, Co-founder & CTO
Mr. Danut Covalciuc, Co-founder & COO
Mrs. Alexandra Serbanoiu, Senior Developer
Mr. Alin Badilita, Growth Hacker

Elevator pitch

Finqware is a SaaS B2B company in the business of putting Open Banking at work. Solving the complexities of Open Banking through its cloud multibanking data infrastructure the company aims to be a platform for innovation in fintech.

Problem solved

Our product is an API middleware platform with a single point of contact (API/SDK) at output available for different interested companies (businesses - including enterprises, banks and fintechs) with financial data provided by banks and other financial providers.

At input we leverage PSD2 APIs from banks, custom data exposure API and product wrapping APIs. The input connections are seen as "skills" and the data is enriched in our infrastructure and then exposed at the output end to tenants that can build frontend applications and services in order to create value.

Solution / technology

Our backend is designed from the ground-up to be secure, multi-tenant and realtime. We deploy our backend code continuously (CI/CD practices) to an elastic Kubernetes infrastructure. The core code (Elixir) runs on the battle-tested Erlang VM, while other micro-services use Node.


The market focus in CEE- While our competitors are focusing on their origin markets, we want to tackle and dominate the entire CEE ecosystems first, a market with 80 mil users and 350 relevant banks. With our biz dev efforts we are making great strides, already show-cased and in advanced discussions with group financial institutions in the area.


The team - mixing X-generation experienced senior bankers with tech passionate millennial geeks, we are set to play an infinite game mindset in Open Banking global market, having both the banking deep expertise and the hyper growth attitude.


The technology - already we have a tested state of art backend infrastructure to aggregate PSD2 banking APIs, using cutting edge tech stack, with Elixir code on Erlang VM and Kubernetes elastic infra

Market size

The EU market is comprised of about 6000 banking institutions and about 2500 fintechs, as of late 2018.

Since we are a middleware solution we also work with corporate enterprises from core banking services providers to the insurance sector and other fintechs.

Our platform allows providers to directly connect and offer the information to 3rd parties. 

From our business development activities we have taken away that partnering in some countries has a snowball effect in the partners' network, allowing us to quickly capture other regions also.

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