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Four One Financial Services

Fintech sector: Payments, Saving, Micro Social Security Platform (Micro Pension and Health Tech)

Country of incorporation: Uganda

Year of incorporation: 2016

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Livingstone Mukasa, Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder

Ms Martha Najjuma Sebunya, Chief Financial Officer

Mr Nicholas Lukyamuzi, Business & Technology Manager

Elevator pitch

Four One Financial Services innovates around issues of social security like retirement savings and affordable health insurance to help people sustain economic progress. 

Problem solved

The Informal sector in many developing countries has little or no access to social security for things like access to a retirement account or affordable health insurance. In Countries like only less than 20% of the people has access to a pension fund and only 1% has medical insurance. Four One is working to solve this challenge.

Solution / technology

We provide a licensed and regulated retirement fund called Mazima Retirement Plan where members can save as a little as a dollar any time they want. We also provide affordable medical insurance through unbundling pricy premiums and allowing members to save for health. We do all this on our proprietary micro social security platform called Mayicard. 


We understand the informal economy because we are part of it. We understand the role of technology in leapfrogging legacy systems and we are agile allowing us to experiment quickly and offer the best solution to our users.

Market size

In the next decade or so there will be more than a billion people in the developing world needing access to better social security systems which includes long term savings, health, access to decent housing and education financing. Four One Financial Services is angling to be the global leader in serving this emerging demographic.

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