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Greenwich Dealing Luxembourg

Fintech sector: Securities trade lifecycle

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2017

Team names, roles
and company contact

Franck Chatillon - Dealing activities
Bertrand Mouchot-Chardin - Regulatory & reporting activities

Elevator pitch

Greenwich Dealing offers an outsourced trading solution to provide Clients / Funds an access to Global Markets in a fully transparent process.

Our experienced team is the reliable bridge between Institutional Investors and Global Financial Markets, providing sharp, Transparent Execution Services for every Asset Class across the Globe, relevant market intelligence and valuable advice on trade-related and technical issues.

In addition, Greenwich Dealing will ensure the preparation of your MiFID II and EMIR reportings.

Problem solved

  • Access to global markets through Investment Bank, Brokers, ECN’s and alternative platforms
  • Access to liquidity, competitive prices and access to Primary market (IPOs, ABOs and New Issues) even for Investment Firm that would not have the critical size
  • Cost effectiveness, time to market, cost synergies
  • Prevention and detection of market abuse (Article 16 of MAR)
  • Obligation to execute orders on terms most favorable to the client (Articles 27 to 30 MIFID II)
  • Market transparency and integrity (Articles 31 to 32 MIFID II)
  • Obligation to report transactions (Article 26 MIFIR, Article 9 EMIR)
  • Inducements in relation to research (Article 13 MIFID II)

Solution / technology

Front-to-Back portfolio management solutions dedicated to the professional needs DATA MANAGEMENT to centralise and automate the entire life cycle of the data (integration, control, distribution, analysis)


Unique in Europe, innovative, Know how (experience), network, vision, client need.

  • To avoid the considerable infrastructure and personnel costs of an in-house desk
  • To concentrate on Asset Management core business
  • To benefit from expertise that Asset Managers do not have internally

Market size

600 Asset Manager in France 85% manage less than 1bio€

More than 100 investment firms and more than 600 chapter 15 and 16 management companies in Luxembourg with needs to implement a response to regulation…

2/3 of EU asset manager are potential targets

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