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HighWave Capital

Fintech sector: Robo-Advisors

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2017

Team names, roles
and company contact

David Furcajg, CEO

Elevator pitch

HighWave Capital is the first Robo-Advisor that includes Behavioural Finance to optimize KYC performance and portfolio management.

In order to improve end-user experience, our application includes a BOT/IA. We deliver our application in white label to Financial Institutions.

Problem solved

It is costful and it takes time for a bank, asset manager, insurance companies to develop such a solution.

Solution / technology

We tailor made our application whatever the specifications.
The front end part of our application includes a BOT and IA.


We use Behavioural Finance principles from on boarding to asset allocation to enhance performance.

Market size

Robo-Advisors will manage up to USD8000bn by 2025 and 70% of Financial Institutions are willing to include such app into their offer by a few years.

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