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Fintech sector: Payments / Fundtech / Cryptocurrency

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg, UK, USA, Africa

Year of incorporation: 2012

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Alex Fork, Founder & CEO

Mr Javed Khattak, CFO

Mr Hazem Danny Al-Nakib, CIO

Elevator pitch

Financial inclusion of the 3.5 billion unbanked and  underbanked by use of latest technologies including blockchain and biometric technology on low end mobile devices. We offer a 4th generation mobile bank that aims to provide financial services eradicating poverty globally while supporting new businesses further enabling innovation.

Problem solved

Financial inclusion of the underbanked and unbanked by use of blockchain and biometric technology on low end mobile devices, offering a 4th gen mobile bank. Now will provide access to financial services for these people in such regions with no access to banks or financial services and/or to ID documents (due to corruption, bureaucracy, etc leading to lengthy, expensive processes).

Solution / technology

Blockchain/ Biometric


One of the early ICOs with a  brand name already established, the idea of financial inclusion by use of this technology was initially brought by Humaniq (now copied by many others) but we are one of the first to market, if not the first in this space, with actual implementation, on the ground local partners to help market penetration, app with 20,000 downloads already

Market size

3.5 billion people globally

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