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Country of incorporation: USA

Year of incorporation: 2017

Funding raised: $2.5m

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr. Mike Kane, CEO

Mr. Matt Kane, CTO

Elevator pitch

Hydrogen is the global financial platform of the Web 3.0. The platform includes core infrastructure APIs ("Atom"), public blockchain products and protocols ("Hydro"), an auto-machine learning library ("Ion"), and a design library (“Element”), all designed for developers & enterprises building financial applications in areas such as savings, investing, and insurance.

Problem solved

Our APIs cut the cost of building and running fintech applications by tens of millions of dollars, and the time to market by years.

Solution / technology

There are typically three use cases - those that need digitization, those that have digitized but need product help, and those that need both. For the first use case, we have an entire API library of core infrastructure that instantly digitizes a financial services firm. For the second use case, we have product specific financial engineering APIs that can do complex analytics, calculations, and help to build product. For the third use case, a firm can first use the core infrastructure and over time phase in the engineering APIs.


The Hydrogen team have been leaders in fintech for nearly a decade. Our access to domain experts and talent allows for seamless implementations and growth. Hydrogen offers a modular and extendable APIs. 

Market size

Our market includes global financial enterprises as well as startups and developers in fintech.

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