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iComply Investor Services

Fintech sector: Regulatory Technology (Regtech)

Country of incorporation: Canada & Luxembourg

Year of incorporation: 2017

Funding raised: > 2 Mio USD

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr. Matthew Unger​, CEO
Mr. Qayyum Rajan​, Chief Data OfficerMatt Masiar​ CTO
Mr. Dimitrij Gede​, Head of EU Markets

Elevator pitch

iComply offers powerful compliance software solutions for leaders in digital finance. Our enterprise tools are built specifically to meet the needs of digital finance while adhering to the stringent regulatory standards of traditional finance.

Problem solved

Cost intensive administration processes for regulated financial companies to identity users, onboard corporations, and validate tokenized transactions.

Solution / technology

Prefacto & iComplyKYC


Cost effective solution that allows institutional financial institutions use the blockchain technology for the issuance of tokens (security tokens included) whilst maintaining a compliant KYC onboarding process that is made in - house (No reselling).

Market size

iComply’sl serviceable​ compliance market​ size is expected to reach USD 64.62 billion by 2025, currently the total addressable market globally for enterprise governance, risk, and compliance now exceeds $3.4T annually.

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