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Fintech sector: Wealthtech, Roboadvisory, Digital investment, Trading platform

Country of incorporation: Belgium

Year of incorporation: 2018

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Bart Vanhaeren, CEO
Mr Laurent Sorber, CTO
Mr Chris Eichhorn, Business Development

Mr Hederik Laloo, Growth manager
Mr Luk Verhelst, ICT manager
Mr Emmanual Wildiers, R&D manager

Elevator pitch

A B2B robo advisor with a ground-breaking algorithm and a true back end integration vision, built by 'bankers for bankers' and with a very strong design and machine learning team.

Problem solved

With our product/service, banks can avoid making the €2-5 million capital expenditure to build a roboadvisory product inhouse.

Solution / technology

B2B Roboadvisor & online trading platform as a service


Innovative portfolio construction algorithm

Our team has a track record in designing world-class & intuitive customer journeys

Accurate profiling of retail clients as required by MIFID II

Know-how required to integrate with core banking systems

Market size

We focus on EU markets until 2019

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