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Fintech sector: Payment, Cybersecurity and Mobile Banking

Country of incorporation: Luxembourg, Switzerland

Year of incorporation: 2009

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Jean-Pierre Schmit, Founder & CEO

Elevator pitch

We digitize your business based on our software products “Made in Luxemburg” like our U-Safe Suite containing modules like IAM, WAF, Customer Portal and API Gateway or our secure mobile instant messaging app SecuChat. In addition, we are there to tailor our products to your specific business needs and do individual, custom software development to enable fully integrated processes and straight- through-processing with banking-grade security like the multi-bank trade finance platform TRAFEC build for the Swiss Trading and Shipping Association.

Problem solved

Often, application security is perceived as a necessary evil. Users don’t like the hassle of logins and session timeouts; and the business does not understand why so many security constraints are necessary.
The U-Safe suite aims to satisfy all stakeholders: a centralized and integrated IAM and WAF secures the entire Web application perimeter while offering a convenient single-sign-on to the users. In addition, these two indispensable components are with U-Safe the corner stone of a full-fledged customer portal. Users can seamlessly navigate through all applications they are granted access to, have a centrally managed user profile and many self- service features to troubleshoot at. U-Safe uses a unique technology to integrate all your Web applications, as technically heterogeneous as they could be, into a portal with a homogeneous user experience. In addition, an OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect compatible API Gateway opens your services to the mobile world.

Solution / technology

U-Safe Suite (Strong Authentication and Transaction Verification Platform, IAM,WAF, Customer Portal, Secure API Gateway)

CrontoSign Swiss Community


Custom Software Development

Secure Development Toolbox


Build with U-Safe customer portals without the need of portal software – all is done with the U-Safe Identity and Access Manager and the Web Application Firewall.

SecuChat combines the usability of instant messaging with the security of Internet Banking.

Dedicated, highly skilled team and agile project management

Market size

Our software products secure the mobile and internet banking logins and transactions of over 30 banks and corporates, securing over 1.000.000 online accounts mainly in Switzerland. In addition, our custom software development applications serve numerous clients and users every single day with a focus – but not exclusively – in the European and Swiss market.

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