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Fintech sector: Cybersecurity

Country of incorporation: France

Year of incorporation: 2016

Team names, roles
and company contact

Mr Didier Hoareau (CEO)
Mr Laurent Ghelfi (Chairman)
Mr Calum Meechan (Product, Communication, Client Relations) 

Mr Mehdi Domec (Software Architect)

Elevator pitch

Keexle is a fully end-to-end encrypted communication and collaboration tool where each interaction is completely private & totally secure. File-Share, Chat, Cloud Store, Video Conference and Collaborate with the most sensitive data. Designed by OnePrivacy, a start-up from Luxembourg, Keexle solves many problems facing any modern company that handles sensitive data.

Problem solved

Data sharing on the internet and online collaboration are part of everyone's daily lives. We are more productive when we can easily find our documents, share them with colleagues or even call them by video conference. Many tools allow you to do this. However these tools have to index and analyse your data to be able to provide availability and collaborative features. Not only do the companies behind these tools have access to the contents of your data but by design these systems risk your data being made public: your clear data is accessible from servers that are vulnerable to hacking. Secure collaboration between internal and external teams is essential for any projects' success, but using it is challenging if you wish to maintain an appropriate level of security, especially when you have to deal with someone outside the organisation.

Solution / technology

Keexle is a unified platform that combines all collaborative features with the highest level of security. Keexle encrypts all of your exchanges with an end-to-end encryption technology. Before sending your data over the Internet, its encrypted; and only the recipients you chose can access to the decryption key. This means that unlike existing tools, your data is not decrypted at any point, and cannot be decrypted by anyone other than your intended recipient.We as the cloud provider cannot even access our client data. This additionally means that if our servers were to be hacked or compromised, the data stored on them is encrypted and therefore useless. Importantly, unlike other providers, the private encryption keys required to decrypt client data are controlled and stored on the computer/server of the client, not on our servers; which greatly reduces the risk of a data breach. As a professional user, you can distribute the software to whoever you need to communicate & collaborate with; even if it's someone outside your company.


Always fully end-to-end encrypted.

Keexle as service provider can never access client data.

Clients can choose location of servers dependent on country of operation and specific regulations.

Data can be hosted encrypted on Keexle servers with the private encryption keys always controlled by the client, meaning we can never access the data on our servers. Keexle can also be self-hosted for an even greater level of control.

Our SDK (Software Development Kit) also facilitates the innovation of new solutions that can be integrated with Keexle end-to-end encryption.

Market size

Cloud Collaboration Market:

$26.39 Million 2017
$55.54 Million 2023 (Projected)

Cyber Security Market:

$73.7 Billion 2016
$101.6 Billion 2034 (Projected)

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